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Content of this website
The website, its design, content and graphics are the property of Pro-Vision Insurance Ltd and may not be reproduced, distributed, transferred, or sold without permission from Pro-Vision Insurance.
Trademarks and design
The logo displayed on this website are registered under the ownership of Pro-Vision Insurance. The Autoplan and Roadside Plus trademarks are both registered under the ownership ICBC. Use or duplication of these trademarks are strictly prohibited without the permission of their respective owners.
Autoplan renewal
The renewal forms contained in the website is used for transmitting your personal information over a secure server to our authorized Autoplan agents. The information that is collected from these forms are required to correctly renew your auto insurance policy. Successful submission of these forms does not automatically guarantee the renewal of your Autoplan. The renewal of your policy will be confirmed by email once we have received and verified the correctness of your submitted information.
Liability, Pro-Vision Insurance, its officers & directors, shareholders, or employees will not be held responsible for any harm, loss, or damage that may arise from the use of this site. and Pro-Vision Insurance will not be held liable for the renewal of any Autoplan policy that has not been confirmed with an email by confirming the renewal of such. Until an email confirmation has been received, you will not find responsible for the continuation of your current Autoplan policy.
Your Autoplan Premium
Your Autoplan premium is calculated by ICBC and will be stated in the latest "Notice to Renew" document sent to you by ICBC a few weeks prior to the expiry of your policy. This premium is deemed to be correct when you renew your policy. In the event, there are any discrepancies in the premium charged to you and the premium stated in your "Notice to Renew" document due to the following:
a) a change in the principal operator, or
b) you incur any chargeable claim(s) following the period your "Notice to Renew" document is mailed out,
then the premium calculated at the time of the renewal shall govern.
Your New Autoplan decal and document will be delivered to you by an authorized Autoplan agent or a courier. Only the owner of the policy can receive the new decal and document.The owner can also authorized another person to receive the decal and document. In this case, the owner must sign on the back of the 'Notice to Renew' document(original copy) giving the permission to another person, who must provide this document upon delivery in order to receive the decal and document on behalf of the owner.
Free Delivery - Full Year Renewals
Our free delivery service is not made available to Autoplan policies that are to be renewed for short term. Any Autoplan policies with coverage less than 365 days are considered short-term.
[ Autoplan Delivery: Mon-Fri 10am -6pm ]
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