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What is the RoadStar Package?
The RoadStar Package is a group of optional insurance coverages available at a special low price to Roadstars - ICBC's best customers.

Rental Vehicle coverage
Loss of Use
Vehicle Travel Protection
Lock Re-keying
RoadStar Rental Vehicle coverage:
This protects users of rental vehicles or courtesy cars. It includes:
- Third-Party Legal Liability to $1,000,000 (for damage or injury you cause to others while driving the rented or courtesy car).
- Accident Benefits
- Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP)
- Legal Liability for damage to the rental vehicle or courtesy car (Collision, $300 deductible; Comprehensive, $300 deductible).
- Loss of Use ($25 per day to a total limit of $250) of the rental vehicle or courtesy car if an accident has made it undriveable.
- Payment for claims made by rental companies for loss of use.
RoadStar Loss of Use coverage:
If you make a claim under your Autoplan Collision, Comprehensive, or Specified Perils coverage, this Loss of Use coverage reimburses you for the cost of renting a substitute vehicle, hiring taxis or using public transportation if you lose the use of your vehicle (the one covered by the RoadStar Package). Without Autoplan Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage, the Loss of Use under your RoadStar Package won't apply.

This Loss of Use allows a total of $500 coverage for substitute transportation ($1,000 for motor homes with no daily limit), with a daily limit of $100. Coverage starts immediately after the accident if the vehicle is inoperable, and ends as soon as the vehicle is repaired or when ICBC has made you an offer of settlement if the vehicle is a total loss. If the vehicle is driveable, coverage applies while it is in the shop undergoing repairs and ends as soon as the repairs are completed.
RoadStar Vehicle Travel Protection:
Vehicle Travel Protection reimburses you for some expenses you may incur if you are in a motor vehicle accident or if your vehicle is stolen while you are on a trip away from home. It is intended for people who take their vehicles on holidays or business trips. You are also protected if, while on a trip, you are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle or as a pedestrian.

This policy covers:
- Additional living expenses (up to $500 for one or two people; up to $1,000 for three or more). This includes lodging, meals telephone calls and transportation expenses.
- Towing expenses ($100 maximum)
- Expenses incurred to bring the described vehicle back home ($750 maximum). This includes bringing a damaged or recovered stolen vehicle back home for repairs or sending someone to bring home a stolen vehicle that has been recovered.
- Replacement vehicle expenses (up to $500) for a rented vehicle only.
- Travel expenses for you to return home by the most direct route (up to $1,500 for one or two people; up to $3,000 for three or more).
- Reimbursement of your deductible for a collision claim if your vehicle is damaged by a vehicle not insured by ICBC (only if you have Autoplan Collision coverage and you are not at fault for the accident).
RoadStar Lock Re-keying:
With the RoadStar Package, if your keys or remote keyless entry transmitter are stolen, ICBC will reimburse you for the cost of replacing them and re-keying locks on your vehicle up to a maximum of $500. You must have valid Autoplan Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage and the replacement costs are subject to the applicable deductible.
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