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PRIVACY STATEMENT is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information obtained through this website. The information you submit to us is collected solely for the purpose of renewing your Autoplan policy. AutoRenewal will not use your information for any other purposes without your expressed consent.
Information We collect
In continuing with our efforts to protecting your privacy, we request for minimal, but required personal information to successfully renew your Autoplan. When you complete our renewal form, the three types of information we collect from you are:
delivery address
phone number
driver's licence number
credit card number (if chosen form of payment)
licence plate number
registration number
policy expiry date
ICBC reference number (if applicable)
All of the information mentioned in the above is collected over a secured connection. Our server uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with a GeoTrust certificate for securing the confidential data exchanged by you and AutoRenewal. The data is encrypted using a 128 bit technology so that no one is able to intercept or read the information transferred over the internet.

When you use our renewal form or sign up for our Renewal Reminder, you can see if the connection is secured or not, by locating the yellow padlock on the bottom corner of your browser. When the padlock is visible and locked, this indicates that your browser is now is a secure mode.
Information Collected for our Renewal Reminder
The information we collect for our free e-mail service reminder such as your name, make & model of your vehicle, vehicle registration number, licence plate number, email, and details of your Autoplan coverages is used solely for the purpose of reminding you to renew your Autoplan via email notice. We will not sell, trade, or transfer any of this information to any other third parties. We respect your privacy and will not use your information to benefit from any types of marketing opportunities. Our intent is to provide this free service as a convenient reminder so you will not forget to remind your auto insurance.
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