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  You must now declare who will be your vehicle's principal operator each time you renew. The driver's license number of the principal operator is required when renewing
What is a principal operator?
  The principal operator is the person who will be operating you vehicle the majority of time during the term of the policy. In most cases, this will be the registered owner of the vehicle.
Why does ICBC need to know?
  ICBC* sets its insurance premiums on a number of factors, including the discount level you have earned based on your years of safe driving. Inexperienced drivers and those with at-fault claims are not eligible for the same discounts as long-term claims-free customers. By correctly identifying principal operator each time you renew, ICBC can ensure a more accurate risk-based rating for the policy.
Does this impact me if I use my car for business purposes?
  Only Autoplan, non-fleet policies are affected by this requirement. However, some small businesses have previously listed their company name as principal operator and will need to declare the name of the driver who will be using the vehicle the majority of the time.
Do I have to notify ICBC of a change in principal operator before my next insurance renewal?
  For renewals, the declaration starts on January 1, 2011. When you renew, you will need to declare who will be driving your vehicle the majority of time. If a change occurs, you will need to re-declare next time you renew.
My Notice to Renew has quoted my insurance premium for 2011. Will this change when I declare the principal operator?
  A change in principal operator of your policy may affect what you will have to pay as the driving and claims experience of the new principal operator are taken into account when determining the appropriate premium. PLEASE NOTE: If another driver will now be using your vehicle the majority of time, please bring that driver's licence number so we can calculate the correct premium. Without the driver's licence number of your vehicle's principal operator, you will not be able to obtain your insurance certificate.
What happens if I don't declare the principal operator?
  On most policies you will need to declare a principal operator. You can confirm if your policy requires a principal operator with your Autoplan broker. If a customer deliberately misrepresents principal operator to avoid paying the correct premium (an example being parents whose son or daughter is now driving their vehicle the majority of time), you may be in breach of your insurance. This means that you could be responsible for injuries or vehicle damage if you are found at fault.
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