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Personalized Licence Plates can be used on most passenger vehicles, vans, motor homes, motorcycles and light trucks, but they cannot be placed on the following:
-antique vehicles with vintage licence plates
-farm tractors, special fleet motor vehicles and industrial motor vehicles
-farm trucks with licence plates beginning with "A" or "G"
-vehicles with restricted licences, except when a vehicles is owned bya War Amputee or person receiving a 100 per cent disability pension
-trucks, vans, buses with a gross vehicle weight more than 4,500 kg.
Choosing your letters and numbers
Personalized Licence Plates can have a minimum of two characters and a maximum of six characters - letters or numbers in combination.

You may have a blank space or hyphen as long as the total number of letters or numbers, hyphens and blank spaces is not regular plate and not more than six character spaces for motorcycle plates due to size limitation of the plates.


• HOWDOO  • ME-4-U
• U 4 ME     • 87 JOE
Of course there are other combinations that are not allowed, either because they conflict with the existing numbering system or because they are difficult to read and cause identification problems. Among these are:

• Numbers only, such as 962 221, 1234, 661-280.
• Less than two characters, such as A or 1.
• More than six characters, such as MICHAEL, U FOUR ME, RICH MAN.
• Single letters as a prefix followed by more than three numbers, such as A-4321, B-56789.
• Single letters as a suffix preceded by more than three numbers such as 2341 A, 54635-W.
• The prefixes CL, VE, GR, MC, MB, MD, PG, VA and BC followed by any number of numerals.
Other restrictions
• Trademarks or brand names
• Special Symbols such as @, #, &, %, ?
Intellectual property rights
ICBC does not check whether anyone else already has intellectual property rights or other rights to the slogan you use. Such rights could include trademark or the right to use a name in connection with a business. You are solely responsible for make sure your slogan does not infringe anyone else's rights.
You will have to pay a $100 fee when you apply for Personalized Licence Plates. This fee covers the cost of processing your application and manufacturing the licence plates for your use. It gives the exclusive rights to the slogan on that vehicle type. If the slogan you have requested is refused or not available, the $100 fee will be refunded. Otherwise, the $100 fee is non-refundable.

Once your slogan has been approved and you have the plates, you will have to pay an annual $40 fee to maintain the rights to the slogan and the use of the Personalized Licence Plates. This fee is in addition to and does not replace your annual licence fee, which applies to all vehicles and which you are still required to pay.
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