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Driver's licence
How long is my driver's licence from another place valid in BC?
If you hold a valid driver's licence, you can use it to drive in BC for up to 90 days. Non-residents such as tourist can drive in BC for up to six months with a valid driver's licence from outside BC. After that time, you must have a valid BC driver's licence to drive here.
If you hold a valid driver's licence from your home jurisdiction and are registered as a student and attending a specified BC educational institution, you do not need to get a BC driver's licence.
Applying for your BC driver's licence
It is best to apply for your BC driver's licence well within 90 days of moving to BC. You must be at least 16 years old to apply.

You may be required to surrender your out-of-province licence, and qualify on driver examinations including a knowledge test, vision screening and a road test.

New residents who hold a Canadian, American, Austrian, German, Swiss, Japanese, or South Korean licence can usually complete their licence exchange the same day; knowledge and road testing may not be required.
Vehicle registration and insurance
How do I register my vehicle so I can drive it in BC?
If you move here with a motor vehicle, or if you are a returning resident to BC and you move here, you must register. license, and insure it within 30 days of your arrival if you intend to operate it here. Vehicles intended for commercial use must be registered, licensed and insured immediately.

Before you can register or insure the vehicle in BC, it must undergo a mechanical safety inspection. Rebuilt, altered or constructed vehicles also require a structural inspection.
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