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" I just wanted to comment on the exceptional customer service provided to me last night. One of your employees was kind enough to deliver my insurance to my office even though it was past your closing time. It is because of customer service like that, I will a) recommend your service to my friends, and b) be back next year." (Dec 2005)
- Helen Glavinic - Vancouver
"I took five minutes to fill out some information online, and AutoRenewal delivered the insurance papers to my office a few hours later. No hassel, no standing in line, professional and courteous staff, and best of all it's free. I will never renew my insurance any other way! It's a fantastic service that I would recommend highly to anyone." (Aug 2005)
- Fraser McKay - Director of Customer Marketing, Business Objects - Vancouver
"Thank you very much for offering this fast and convenient service. As a working professional, I am always short on time." (Sept 2004)
- Elton W. - KPMG, Vancouver
"I realized I hadn't renewed my car insurance two days before it was due and I was panicking because I knew I wouldn't have time to get it done due to my hectic work schedule. Luckily a friend referred me to Autorenewal. That night, I went through the instructions on the website at home and I received the decal and documents at work the very next day! Simple. Fast. Ingenius. I highly recommend the service to anyone who claims they never have the time!" (May 2004)
-Sharon, Associate - Lang Michener LLP, Vancouver
"Thanks so much for the incredibly fast and convenient service today. I was in a bind and you and your team really came through. It was great to have the insurance and decal come right to me in just a couple of hours.....I really like your on-line reminder and instant renewal. I have already signed up to this innovative service and it will be great to just get the reminder emailed to me next year, push a button, and have the decal and insurance on my desk in a couple of hours. Great idea! Again, many thanks!" (April 2004)
- David E. Orton, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Infosat Communication / Bell Canada Enterprises.
"Excellent service and very convenient. Many thanks and I will use your service again." (April 2004)
- G. Vancouver
"I think your company has a great idea that is long overdue. It was very convenient using your service." (April 2004)
- J.P. Vancouver
"I was surprised at how fast I got it. I was stuck at the last minute, and you guys came through." (April 2004)
- Rob, Vancouver -
"I dreaded making a pit stop in rush hour to renew my car insurance and to my surprise and delight, I didn't have to.....It was simple and effortless as making a call and waiting for the courier while I was at work." (Mar 2004)
- Debbie, The Vancouver Courier.
"Delivery was quite good. Quite impressed with the efficiency and simplicity of the delivery. It is delivered to me and I don't have to leave my office. I would recommend it to others." (Feb 2004)
- Cynthia, Vancouver
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