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Basic insurance coverage applies only in Canada and the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska). Your coverage does not extend to Mexico or any other country. Some individual coverages have specific geographic restrictions.

(please call ICBC Customer Service directly at 604-661-2100)
optional insurance coverages
Optional Autoplan insurance is additional coverage that you can choose to buy if you wish. The most common Optional Autoplan coverages are Extended Third-Party Legal Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive.
Extended Third-Party Legal Liability
Many motorists increase their Basic Autoplan Third-Party Legal Liability coverage to $1 million or more because if you are found at fault for a serious crash causing injury or damage, the courts can order you to pay damages well above $200,000. You can increase your coverage from the Basic Autoplan $200,000 limit to amounts ranging from $300,000 to $15 million. This is known as Extended Third-Party Legal Liability coverage. If you choose not to purchase additional liability coverage above the $200,000 provided in Basic Autoplan and you are found legally liable for a claim, you will be responsible for paying the portion of the claim exceeding $200,000, as well as interest and legal costs assessed against that portion. If you have a crash that causes both property damage and bodily injury or death, claims for bodily injury or death have priority on the first 90 per cent of your liability coverage. Claims for property damage have priority on the 10 per cent balance. This also applies to Extended Third-Party Legal Liability coverage.

Third-Party Legal Liability coverage does not apply in the following situations:
- Loss or damage to property (yours or anyone else's) carried in your vehicle.
- Loss or damage to property you own or rent (for example, your house).
- Assessments, penalties or premiums payable under the Workers Compensation Act.
- Towing an unlicensed trailer that is required to be licensed.
- Operation of attached equipment at a work site (for example, a crane attached to a truck).
Collision insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle. If it is damaged as a result of upset or a collision with another vehicle, a person, or an object, including the ground or highway, or impact with an object on or in the ground.
Comprehensive insurance covers loss or damage to your vehicle by any cause except loss or damage covered by Collision insurance. Comprehensive includes coverage for loss or damage caused by: fire, lightning, theft (except by an employee or member of your household), vandalism, malicious mischief, windstorm, earthquake, hail, impact with animals, missiles, falling or flying objects, riot, civil commotion, rising water or the stranding, sinking, burning, derailment, or collision of a conveyance transporting the vehicle on land or water.
Specified Perils
This form of insurance provides specific coverage only against fire, lightning, theft (except by an employee or member of your household), windstorm, earthquake, hail, explosion, riot, civil commotion, falling or forced landing of an aircraft or portion of it, rising water or the stranding, sinking, burning, derailment, or collision of a conveyance transporting the vehicle on land or water. Losses that are not covered include vandalism, malicious mischief, damage to windshields, or impact with animals. All coverages provided by Specified Perils are also included under Comprehensive coverge. Customers wishing this type of protection should choose one or the other, not both.
Collector Motor Vehicle Agreed Value Policy
If your vehicle is an ICBC-approved collector vehicle and is currently covered by either Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils, you may qualify for a Collector Motor Vehicle Agreed Value Policy. The policy guarantees a value for your vehicle at the time of a total loss. It also waives the deductible, regardless of who is at fault. Your car may only be driven by drivers who have held a valid driver's licence for ten or more years, and it must be kept in a fully enclosed and locked garage that cannot be used for the parking or storing of a vehicle by anyone other than the insured and members of the insured's household.

You will need to submit an application form and fee($50 for vehicles valued at $40,000 or less; $75 for vehicles valued at over $40,000), as well as photos and documentation that support your desired value. If your vehicle is valued at more than $40,000 you will need to take it to an ICBC® Claims Centre for a visual inspection. No further appraisals are required. Once you and ICBC® have agreed on a value for your vehicle, this value forms the basis of the cost of the policy.
Vehicle in Storage Policy
If you are not using your vehicle or intend to put it in storage, you can purchase Vehicle in Storage coverage. Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils, Basic and Extended Third-Party Legal Liability insurance are all available on this policy.
Limited Depreciation Coverage
You can purchase Limited Depreciation Coverge if your vehicle is not more than three model years old, even if you are not the first owner of the vehicle. This coverage increases the amount payable to you under your Autoplan Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils insurance so that depreciation is not taken into account in the settlement of your claim for damage to your vehicle.
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