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financing your Autoplan
Autoplan* 12 is a convenient way to pay your annual Autoplan premium in 12 monthly instalments. It is a loan arranged on your behalf with TD Canada Trust, ICBC*'s sponsoring bank for Autoplan 12. All the paperwork is handled by the insurance broker. Each month, your Autoplan12 payment is automatically debited from your bank account.
Cost of Autoplan12
The cost of arranging Autoplan12 includes interest charges(TD Canada Trust's prime plus three percent) and a one time administration fee of $15 for that policy.
You may finance any portion of your annual premium with no minimum.
If you increase your coverage or make other changes to your Autoplan policy during the year, you may incorporate the costs into your Autoplan12 payment.
If you cancel or reduce your Autoplan coverage during the year, any refund on your policy will be automatically applied to reduce your Autoplan 12 loan balance.
You may pay off all or part of your outstanding loan balance at any time without penalty.
Like Autoplan12, Autoplan6 is a loan arranged on your behalf with TD Canada Trust. It offers flexibility and helps you establish a good credit with ICBC if ICBC does not know you, or if you have had payment problems in the past.
The interest on Autoplan6 is the same as Autoplan12, fixed at TD's prime rate at the time you enrol plus three percent. However, the standard $15 Autoplan12 enrolment fee is waived, as you are not eligible to finance an annual policy.
Why Autoplan6
you do not have a recent history with ICBC and you do not have an active BC driver's license
you have just finished two years on a cash-only basis with ICBC because of previous payment problems
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