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basic insurance coverages
optional insurance coverages
Basic insurance coverage applies only in Canada and the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska). Your coverage does not extend to Mexico or any other country. Some individual coverages have specific geographic restrictions.

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basic insurance coverages
Generally, Basic Autoplan protects you as a person when you're involved in a motor vehicle crash.
Basic Autoplan includes five main types of coverage:
1. Third-Party Legal Liability Coverage
2. Accident Benefits
3. Underinsured Motorist Protection
4. Hit and Run Underinsured Motorist Coverage
5. Inverse Liability Coverage
Basic Autoplan pays damages up to your policy limit if you are found legally liable for a crash. It provides financial assistance to cover your wage loss and to help pay for your medical or rehabilitation costs for personal injuries. If there are fatalities resulting from a motor vehicle crash, Basic Autoplan will also pay funeral expenses up to $2500 and death benefits to the survivors. It also provides additional coverage in situations where you, members of your household, or other occupants of your vehicle are injured in an accident where the at-fault motorist lacked sufficient coverage to pay damages awarded in a claim.
Basic Autoplan has other restrictions. You may not be covered if:
- Your vehicle was improperly rated.
- The crash resulted from avoiding the police or using a vehicle for any illicit or illegal purpose.
- You were driving without a valid driver's license or when your license was suspended.
- Your vehicle was driven by someone else without a valid driver's license or when their license was suspended.
- You are found impaired by alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substance at the time of the crash.
- You present a fraudulent or exaggerated claim.
- The vehicle was deliberately used to cause loss or damage.
- Your claim results from acts of war, rebellion, insurrection or a nuclear energy hazard.
1. Third-Party Legal Liability Coverage
If you injure someone else or damage their property and the law says you are responsible, Third-Party Legal Liability coverag pays claims or damages awarded in lawsuits against you up to the purchased limit. However, you may still be subject to the Multiple Crash Premium (insert definition box) on your driver's license.

Basic Autoplan provides you with $200,000 worth of Third-Party Legal Liability coverage. Buses, taxis, limousines, heavy commercial vehicles (over 5,000kg GVW) and commercial trailers must carry $1 million in coverage and $2 million if dangerous goods are carried.
2. Accident Benefits
Autoplan Accident Benefits help you with medical costs and wage loss if you are injured in a motor vehicle crash, regardless of who is at fault. ICBC* pays Accident Benefits to all occupants of a vehicle licensed and insured in British Columbia. Accident Benefits also apply if the person named on an Autoplan policy, or a member of their household, is hit by a vehicle while a pedestrian or cyclist. In addition, any cyclist or pedestrian hit in Canada by a vehicle licensed and insured in BC is covered under Autoplan Accident Benefits.

Accident Benefit Coverage Restrictions:
There are some situations in which Autoplan Accident Benefits may not be provided. Coverage may not apply to the injury or death of a person:
- Who commits or attempts to commit suicide.
- Who is an occupant of a vehicle exempt from Autoplan coverage.
- Whose injury or death is caused by sickness or disease.
- Whose injury or death results from an attempt to avoid police action.
- Whose injury or death results from participation in a race or an object used as a weapon.
- Who is an occupant of a vehicle involved in an illicit trade or transport.
- Who is a driver not authorized or qualified to operate the vehicle.
3. Underinsured Motorist Protection
Underinsured Motorist Protection provides you with up to $1 million in coverage if you are injured or killed by the owner or operator of an underinsured vehicle and you are not at fault for the crash. Underinsured Motorist Protection ensures you receive compensation that you are legally entitled to, but which the at-fault motorist is unable to pay the full amount of damages recoverable by you. For example, if the at-fault motorist only carries $200,000 Third-Party Legal Liability coverage, but damages for injuries suffered by you and your passengers exceed that amount, Underinsured Motorist Protection will cover the excess amount to a maximum of $1 million per person.

For only $25 a year, you can protect yourself with $2,000,000 in coverages when you or your passengers are injured in a crash and the driver at-fault doesn't carry enough insurance to cover the claim. This $2,000,000 in coverage also applies to other household members if an underinsured driver injures them while they are walking or riding a bike. Details of Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection
4. Hit and Run Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Under BC's Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act, automatic coverage up to a maximum of $200,000 is available to BC residents whose property is damaged, or who are injured or killed by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver on a highway in British Columbia. This benefit is separate from the coverage afforded by your basic compulsory insurance and is available to all BC residents, even if they don't own and insure a vehicle.
5. Inverse Liability Coverage
This part of Basic Autoplan covers you, to the extent that you are not at fault, for loss or damage to your vehicle if the crash occurs in, or the at-fault driver comes from, certain parts of Canada or the USA where the right to recover losses is legally prohibited. If you are involved in a crash under these circumstances, Basic Autoplan will pay the cost of repairs to your vehicle to the extent that the other driver is liable. This applies even when you do not carry collision coverage. If you have collision coverage from ICBC or a private insurer, Basic Autoplan will pay the portion of your deductible for which the other driver is liable.
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