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Antique(vintage) vehicles
To be considered an Anitque, a vehicle must be all of the following:
30 years of age or older;
owned as a collector's item;
maintained in its original condition as nearly as possible with original parts; and
mechanically sound (meeting Motor Vehicle Act regulations).
Do I need insurance?
Yes. A vehicle with Vintage plates parked or operated on any public highway must have at least Basic Third-Party Legal Liability coverage of $200,000.
When may I drive an Antique vehicle?
An Antique vehicle with Vintage plates may only be driven:
to or at exhibitions, club activities, parades and similar functions;
to or at public functions such as the opening of a new highway;
in weddings and graduations;
to be inspected at a designated inspection facility;
to have repairs done
May I keep the Vintage plates if I sell the vehicle?
No. The Vintage plates stay with the vehicle when it is sold. If you wish to sell your Antique vehicle and it has valid Vintage plates, the new owner has to complete an Antique Vehicle Licence Transfer and a Transfer of Ownership.
Collector Vehicles
The Collector vehicle program was created to allow car enthusiasts to enjoy a pleasure drive, in addition to driving their vehicles in events such as parades and club activities. Collector vehicles should not be used for everyday general transportation. Since most have a high value and are maintained in excellent condition, their owners are expected to drive them infrequently, thereby reducing their exposure to the risk of a crash. ICBC can then offer insurance to these owners for much less than the cost of regular vehicle insurance.
How do I know if I qualify for Collector plates and premiums?
You and your vehicle must meet each of the following requirements:
Your vehicle is one of the following:
- at least 25 years older, or
- at least 15 years old and is a limited production vehicle; that is, 1,500 or fewer of that model were produced by the manufacturer worldwide for that model year, or
- at least 15 years old and the owner of the marque or make of your vehicle has ceased manufacturing vehicles of any kind for at least five years.

Your vehicle is in exceedingly good stock condition regardless of age and is maintained or restored to meet the manufacturer's original specifications.
The model year of your vehicle is the model year designated by the manufacturer.
Your vehicle is registered in BC.
Your vehicle is a true vehicle, not a "replicar", "replikit" (kit car), cab/chasis, or motor home.
You own or lease another non-Collector vehicle registered and insured in your name or you drive a company vehicle for everyday transportation, which is a passenger vehicle, light commercail vehicle of 5,000 kg GVW or less, or motorcycle. It must be insured for pleasure use, to and from work, business, farm, artisan, fisherman or delivery use.
Your Collector vehicle is driven ONLY for pleasure use and not, at any time, to drive to or from, or part way to or from, work or school.
What if my vehicle has parts that are not from the original manufacturer of the vehicle?
Generally, the vehicle must be as close as possible to the way it was originally manufactured. However, you may upgrade a vehicle's brakes, brake lights or headlights, or install seat belts, safety glass, directional signals or era accessories (as listed on the application for Collector vehicle status). In addition, certain types of "modified vehicles" qualify for Collector plates and premiums.
To qualify:
the vehicle must be registered as a "modified vehicle" or model year 1948 or earlier, and
the current shell of the body, coach or cab must be from an original manufactured motor vehicle, and
the vehicle must have had one or more of the following replaced with a component that differs from the manufacturer's original equipment:
- suspension
- drive train
- engine
- body panels.
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